Mid-Year Tryouts

Travel Mid-Year Infill Tryouts

Scheduled for February. These Tryouts are for new players that have moved into Charlottesville or players recommended by the Director of Coaching.  There may or may not be team roster spots available. Age eligible players need to contact the SOCA Travel Coaching staff for specific team roster availability.

Coaches are under no obligation to fill roster spots or add players to a roster at the Mid-Year Tryouts. Travel Coaches are typically searching for players that fit into the top 3rd of the team and who will have a major impact on the overall quality of training and games.  Manual registration on site, no fee, no on-line registration.

For Elite program inquiries please contact, Jimmy Tharpe
Charlottesville Travel Program, Jimmy Tharpe
Augusta Travel Program, Mark Yurish

2019-20 Elite & Charlottesville Region Travel Mid-Year Tryouts: February 3, 2020


2019-20 Augusta Region Mid-Year Travel Tryouts: February 3, 2020

Challenge Mid-year Infill Tryouts

Scheduled for February. This tryout is intended to fill any vacancy resulting from players not returning from the fall for the spring season. All fall players are invited and encouraged to return for the spring. The number of available roster positions will not be known until just prior to the tryout. All eager candidates are welcome to attend but spots will be limited. Arrive 20-30 minutes early to complete a manual registration for the tryout on-site. There is no online or pre-registration for this tryout. Selections and team placements will be announced via e-mail, as soon after the conclusion of the tryout as possible.

Charlottesville/Albemarle:  February 8, 2020


Augusta:  February 8, 2020

***No Pre-Registration,  All Candidates will register on site at the tryouts, please arrive 15-20 minutes in advance***