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All Skyline Matches Suspended Through April 12th

Skyline League Commissioner’s Statement:

Skyline Members;

Over the past several days I have attended several meetings with VYSA leadership to discuss a plan related to the emerging coronavirus COVID-19.

As part of the meetings I have gathered advice from various sources including the Director of Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases and International Health at UVA Hospital as well as the Medical Director of the Emergency Management Department at the UVA Hospital.

As a result of these meetings, with an abundance of caution for our families’ well being, and in conjunction with all the other travel soccer leagues in the state of Virginia, we have decided to suspend all Skyline Club Soccer League matches through the Easter weekend of April 11/12. League leadership will continue to assess the situation and local public health status in coming weeks. After April 1 we will make a further determination on the resumption of matches in April after April 11. The spread of the COVID-19 virus is a rapidly evolving event with unknown impact and duration but we hope to resume play in April and complete our season with necessary modifications and rescheduling.

We understand this is very disappointing but our understanding of the best chance to limit the virus is to reduce our social interactions by practicing “social distancing”. Group activities such as soccer games bring large numbers of people together and increase the likelihood of spreading the virus rapidly. Once the virus begins to spread widely it will be very difficult to limit it. Social distancing now, in the early stages, represents our best chance.

I’m sorry that we have to take this step and appreciate your patience and understanding. All other travel soccer leagues in VYSA are also adopting this policy. Please communicate this information with members of your teams and clubs. The Skyline Club Soccer League website will be updated with information as well.

Lastly, there is no need to panic but there is cause for appropriate and immediate action to contain the spread. COVID-19 is highly contagious and is easily transmitted. The large majority of those who contract the disease will recover without incident. Young, healthy people are at low risk for serious medical complications while older people and those with chronic health conditions are at increased risk. The outdoor nature of our activities reduces but does not eliminate the risk of transmission.

Stay healthy and we hope to see everyone on the soccer pitch in April.

Matt Wilson
Skyline Club Soccer League

VYSA Travel Youth Soccer League Joint Statement:





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