Augusta Winter

Adult Winter Indoor Soccer League (WISL)

The Winter Indoor Soccer League (WISL) is an exciting way to keep playing soccer throughout the winter months. The league plays a 5 v 5 format with 4 field players and a goalkeeper.

Two Options:

Pick Up - Walls are in-bounds. No referee. Teams formed by who shows up.

High School/Adult Competitive: Team based. Lines are out of bounds. Referee at matches.

Games are played throughout January and February and each team plays a minimum of 7 games.  January 5 is the first potential game date.

Gym space is extremely limited and team applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, first come first served.  The deadline for teams to register is Wednesday, December 5.

The minimum roster size allowed is 8 players.  Teams with less than the minimum number of registration on the deadline can attempt to merge with another team to become viable.

If you are new to the league or do not have a team in mind to play on you may use the Team ID Code for the team of new “independent” players.  By signing up as an independent player you will be added to a new or existing team that needs players.

Independent Team Code for Competitive League: SOCA-5118930

Team Code for Pick Up: SOCA-6132033


Registration Details

Current Season Winter 2019
Fee $55.00 for pick up: $69 for Competitive
Late Fee No Late Fee, but viable teams must have 8 players registered by Dec. 5

Games will be played primarily at Wilson Memorial High School in Fishersville on Sunday afternoons.  Additional game sites and days will be used as needed.  A single referee is used to officiate the matches.

Teams must be prepared to play on a variety of different days of the week and different times.  Games will be primarily on Sunday afternoon, but other days and times may be added if needed.  The actual schedules will be determined once all teams have registered.  There is no more detailed information on schedules that can be given prior to schedules being distributed.  Every weekend day and night as well as weekday evening is a potential game time.

Teams can be Co-Ed in WISL, but there is no required minimum number of women on the court at a time.    Teams in the Rec division are expected to play primarily for fun and exercise, rather than the competition.

SPECIAL NOTE TO TEAM CAPTAINS:  Any player registering for a SOCA Adult League program MUST be at least 16 years of age.  If a player is under 18, but at least 16 years of age, they may register for Adult League play provided they have parental consent.  Please instruct 16 and 17 year olds to contact the SOCA office directly to register for a team.

Captains and players can contact Mark Yurish at with any questions.