Financial Assistance

The purpose of the SOCA Financial Assistance Program is to offer financial support to those families with the greatest need and to provide support to qualifying applicants. One of SOCA’s core values is to welcome all participants and remove barriers to participation. The Financial Assistance Program seeks to serve this important value. It is SOCA’s wish to provide assistance so that children may participate in SOCA programs, based on demonstrated need and SOCA’s ability to fund the subsidy.

Financial assistance is available only in the primary youth programs. Assistance is provided to the Travel (Premier and Classic), Challenge, Recreational and Hot Shots programs, only. There is no financial assistance available in the supplemental camp and clinic programs.

Financial assistance is applied to registration fees, only. Financial assistance does not apply to uniform or other soccer equipment expenses, tournament related expenses, travel expenses, or other expenses related to participation.

There is no full financial assistance in either the Travel or Challenge programs. All participants in these programs are required to contribute to fee payment. Partial assistance is available.

Full financial assistance is available in the Recreation and Hot Shots programs.

There are multiple levels of assistance available to qualifying families. Need is determined based upon participation in government public assistance programs (School Nutrition Program, Free/Reduced Lunch Program), or by documenting income within established limits. The qualifying limits that SOCA uses are those currently in place for the federally supported free and reduced meals programs in the public schools.

All applications for assistance must be made by completing a current SOCA Request for Financial Assistance Application.

If a family is requesting aid for more than one child, a separate SOCA Request for Financial Assistance form must be completed for each individual child.

All requests will be reviewed by SOCA and a determination made immediately if possible, or within five business days.  Requests should also include a manual player registration form, as all financial assisted registrations and payments must be made offline directly with the SOCA office in your region.

Please see the requisite forms below:

Financial Assistance App

SOCA Manual Player Registration Form

All applications should be sent to the SOCA office. (