Frostbite Tournament Inaugurates SOCA Field House

The 2020 Frostbite Tournament took place on the December 5 & 6 weekend and will be memorable for a few reasons.  Following a season ravaged by COVID restrictions, the usual celebratory season-ending tournament for all SOCA Recreational ages was reduced to a U10 competition, only.  A bright spot for the venerable event was that it took place entirely in the newly minted SOCA Field House.  The participating players and their supporters were thrilled to have the distinction of providing the grand opening for the Field House, and their play was worthy of the sparkling new venue.

The long-running Recreational tournament was the inaugural competitive event in the club’s gem addition to local facility resources.  With a regulation U10 size 60 x 40 yard artificial pitch undercover and protected from the elements, the inch of rain that fell overnight prior to kick-off had no effect on the field.

Games launched at 8:00 am on Saturday, with SOCA President Don Long providing a few words to memorialize the first kick-off.  The ensuing action was fast and committed throughout the two days.

With four teams competing, the boys division was won via a 2-1 championship match nail biter by the W21 Maroon squad, who swept to a perfect 4-0-0 record.  The I21 Teal team was a feisty finalist, falling by only the narrowest margin.

Five girls teams joined the fray and played in a round robin format with each team playing four matches.  The LW21 Royal Blue squad claimed the top prize with three wins and one draw, earning ten points.  The runner-up position was taken by LM21 Orange, on eight points.

Throughout the weekend attendance was strictly limited in accordance with current Executive Orders from Governor Northam.  Spectators enjoyed the great view from the elevated mezzanine and with the sides of the building opened to allow air flow, COVID transmission concerns were reduced to a minimum.

The Field House proved to be a star in its own right, with state-of-the-art artificial turf providing the stage for the budding soccer enthusiasts.  Compliments for the event and the facility were heard throughout the weekend.