Field House Skeleton Rising!

With careful planning, expert management and skillful labor, progress on the SOCA Field House project continues on pace.  The massive steel frame has risen from the ground, with the long span roof beams scheduled to be added next week.  The giant steel frame belies the delicacy of the erection process, requiring a squad of agile installers coordinating with surgical crane operators.

Framing will continue for two more weeks, with the aim of getting the structure under roof in that time, enabling the interior tradesman to progress on their work.

Funding for the unique project has been a long term effort, with donations collected over a 15 year period. Thrifty project management has permitted the inclusion of a viewing mezzanine, which will allow a premium vantage point for spectators.  Additional donations are gratefully accepted to bring the complete project vision to completion.

Phase One of the project includes all the essential playing and operational components and is scheduled for a late September opening.