Elite Teams Travel to Roanoke, Game On!

SOCA’s Elite teams traveled to Roanoke on Sunday, September 23, where despite wet conditions that have plagued the region, all matches proceeded.  The energy on the fields was high as players released the pent up desire to actively compete.  Recent continued wet conditions have caused field closings throughout the state, and the relief of getting out to play was palpable among the contestants.

Host Roanoke Star made a few early morning field assignment changes to better accommodate the matches, but the day went off without further complications from weather or field conditions.

The visiting SOCA teams were excited to play and let go their energies by posting 14 wins and one tie against three losses on the day.  Kudos to the Star for persevering and allowing the matches to take place after days of frustrating weather throughout the region.

SOCA Elite squads are scheduled to be on the road at DC Stoddert next Sunday, September 30.