SOCA Adds Technical Director Dion La Foucade to Coaching Staff

In mid-February, SOCA announced that coach Dion La Foucade was added to the SOCA staff in the role of Technical Director.  Since his arrival, La Foucade has been busy getting to know the club and community he has joined.  His immediate task was to take on the role of primary instructor in the Technical Training program, which operates out of the SOCA Training Center, an indoor facility in Ruckersville. La Foucade has embraced the Technical Training program with enthusiasm and has put his own stamp on it, a result of his unique experience and effervescent personality.

Coach Dion, a native of Trinidad, has developed a renowned expertise in developing players’ technical skills.  He has earned coaching certificates from all around the world; including England, Brazil, Holland and Italy, and has coaching experience with major clubs such as Liverpool FC, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Ajax.  Dion brings experience, enthusiasm, humor and a sincere commitment to individual player advancement.

Coach La Foucade will be a fixture at the STC, operating the Technical Training program and also providing instruction in regular SOCA camp and clinic programming now scheduled there throughout the year.  Expect to see Dion involved in many of the supplemental programs SOCA offers for player advancement.  Dion is expected to contribute with ongoing observations, assessments and improvements to SOCA’s considerable player development programming.

It is expected that Coach Dion will also coach a Travel team beginning in the fall season.  His expertise will be an important addition to the already high achieving SOCA coaching staff.

Please welcome Coach Dion La Foucade when you see him at the Training Center or at South Fork Soccer Park.  We’re delighted to have Dion on the SOCA team.