SOCA Adult League Shows Impressive Growth

To simply say that soccer in America is growing is an understatement. More fans turned on the TV to watch World Cup 2014 matches on ESPN and Univision, with millions more turning out in parks and restaurants around the country, than ever before. Fans tune in to watch the English Premier League airing on NBCS each weekend. The MLS continues to grow and become increasingly stable. The growth in the game is evident in SOCA’s adult leagues as well.

It is well known that SOCA offers a wide variety of youth soccer programming for over 4000 youth players but what may not be as well-known is SOCA also has a growing adult soccer league. SOCA’s adult league has been growing at a rapid pace the past few years.  SOCA offers two main season’s playing an 11 v 11 format in the Fall and a Spring and two supplemental seasons, 5v5 in the Winter Indoor Soccer League (WISL) and Summer league which is played in an 8v8 format. The Over-40 Division always plays in an 8v8 format.

Since 2012 SOCA’s adult league has grown from five divisions made up 45 teams and 738 players to the current Fall season line up that has seen a jump to seven divisions with 58 teams composed of 1053 players. The biggest growth has taken place at the Co-Rec level, where an additional two divisions have been added during the past two years.

“The growth has been impressive; I think we can attribute the growth to a few things. Charlottesville is such a great soccer community with UVA men’s and women’s soccer in town and both having a lot of success coupled with the success we’re seeing with our US National teams at World Cups.  Soccer has exploded over the past 15-20 years and now all those youth players have grown up and graduated high school or college and are looking to continue playing the game. I also believe SOCA does a good job of providing a great service for those who want to play and live active lives through soccer. We offer so many levels that there is something for everyone who wants to play the game”, says Jason Moore, SOCA’s Adult League Coordinator.

Moore goes on to say “Each year has seen a steady growth of teams and players and it’s not just from Charlottesville. We’ve seen an increase of players from outside the immediate Charlottesville area. It’s been fun to see new players and new teams each season. We have a mix of new teams and teams that have been around for many years.”

SOCA’s Fall season is heading into the home stretch with the regular season winding down and play offs scheduled into November.  SOCA’s Adult Winter Indoor Soccer League will open up registration on November 3rd in preparation for the WISL season, kicking off January 4.

Be a part of the growth of soccer in the Charlottesville area. Soccer is a great way to stay a part of the game, meet new people and get some great exercise!

If you have any questions about the SOCA’s Adult Leagues, please contact Jason Moore at