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Frostbite Tournament 2014, November 22 & 23

U16/18 Division

AD61 Navy Blue, Coached by Jim Lundy     
AS61 Gold, Coached by Kim Hunsberger      
AW61 Kelly Green, Coached by Bill Masse
AW62 Royal Blue, Coached by Rick Bukoskey          
M61 Maroon, Coached by Pete Gorham
N61 Red, Coached by Jacob Bear
W61 Gold, Coached by Karl Keller

Saturday     November 22    Western Albemarle High School (WAHS) Stadium Field

  8:00am        AW62 Royal Blue (1)        V    AD61 Navy Blue (2)    
  9:45am        AS61 Gold (4)                  V    N61 Red (2)  
11:30am        AW61 Kelly Green (1)      V    W61 Gold (5)    
  1:15pm        AW62 Royal Blue (1)       V    M61 Maroon (12)    
  3:00pm        AW61 Kelly Green          V     N61 Red     
  4:45pm        W61 Gold                       V     AD61 Navy Blue     
  6:30pm        M61 Maroon                   V     AS61 Gold 

Sunday    November 23        WAHS Stadium Field

  9:00am        #6 Seed = AW62 Royal Blue (5)                V    #7 Seed = AW61 Kelly Green (1)                    
10:45am        #1 Seed = W61 Gold (4)                            V    #4 Seed = N61 Red (1)  
              Semi Final 1
12:30pm        #2 Seed = M61 Maroon (3)                        V    #3 Seed = AS61 Gold (0)               Semi Final 2
  2:15pm        Winner of #6/7 = AW62 Royal Blue (5)      V    #5 Seed = AD61 Navy Blue (2)                    
  4:30pm        Winner Semi Final 1 =  W61 Gold (1)                V    Winner Semi Final 2 = M61 Maroon (4)

Champion = M61 Coached by Pete Gorham    Runner-Up = W61 Coached by Karl Keller

U12 Girls Division

LM31 Orange, Coached by
LP31 Royal Blue, Coached by Brad Booker & Chris Taylor
LT31 Purple, Coached by Howard Clayton
LW32 Red, Coached by Jim Duncan

Saturday      November 22          South Fork Soccer Park (SFSP) 6
  9:20am        LM31 Orange (1)          V    LP31 Royal Blue (1)   
10:40am        LW32 Red (1)               V    LT31 Purple (4)    
1:20pm        LM31 Orange (1)          V    LW32 Red (0)    
2:40pm        LP31 Royal Blue (1)     V    LT31 Purple (0)    

Sunday     November 23        SFSP 6

  9:20am        LT31 Purple (2)                     V    LM31 Orange (0)         
10:40am        LP31 Royal Blue (1)              V    LW32 Red (0)            
1:30pm        1st Place = LP31 Royal Blue (1)             V    2nd Place = LT31 Purple (3)              Final

Champion = LT31 Coached by Howard Clayton    Runner-Up = LP31 Coached by Brad Booker & Chris Taylor

U12 Boys Division

C31 Red, Coached by Paul Miller    
C32 Orange, Coached by Sonny Beale
C33 Gold, Coached by Zach Diener        
i31 Kelly Green, Coached by Rick Emery
N31 Teal, Coached by Mark Reed        
N34 Purple, Coached by Kevin Coldren
T32 Kelly Green, Coached by Jim Tierney 

Saturday     November 22
SFSP 7          8:00AM        N31 Teal (3)                        v    C33 Gold (1)       
SFSP 6          8:00AM        N34 Purple (3)                   v    C31 Red (2)       
SFSP 7          9:20AM        i31 Kelly Green (2)            v    C32 Orange (3)     
SFSP 7        10:40AM        T32 Kelly Green (2)            v    N31 Teal (6)        
SFSP 7        12:00PM        N34 Purple (1)                   v    I31 Kelly Green (1)       
SFSP 7          1:20PM        T32 Kelly Green (1)            v    C32 Orange (7)       
SFSP 7          2:40PM        C33 Gold (10)                     v    C31 Red (2)  

Sunday    November 23        SFSP 7
  8:30AM        #6 Seed = C31 Red (6)                      v    #7 Seed = T32 Kelly Green (5)              
  9:50AM        #1 Seed = N31 Teal (6)                     v    #4 Seed = C33 Gold (0)               Semi Final 1
11:10AM        #2 Seed = C32 Orange (6)                 v    #3 Seed = N34 Purple (1)                Semi Final 2
12:30PM        Winner of #6/7 = C31 Red (3)            v    #5 Seed = i31 Kelly Green (1)              
  2:10PM       Semi Final 1 Winner = N31 Teal (4)            v    Semi Final 2 Winner =  C32 Orange (3)               Final

Champion N31 Teal Coached by Mark Reed    Runner-Up C32 Orange Coached by Sonny Beale

U10 Girls Red Division

LC23 Orange, Coached by Paul Miller       
LM21 Royal Blue, Coached by Cree Gaskins
LN21 Navy Blue, Coached by Josh Baumann       
LN25 Orange, Coached by Hugh Lowery
LT21 Royal Blue, Coached by Mark Schuster                  

Saturday    November 22        SFSP 4
10:00AM        LC23 Orange (3)                   v    LN21 Navy Blue (0)       
11:10AM        LM21 Royal Blue (1)            v    LN25 Orange (3)        
12:20PM        LT21 Royal Blue (1)              v    LC23 Orange (3)       
  1:30PM        LN21 Navy Blue (5)              v    LM21 Royal Blue (3)      
  2:40PM        LN25 Orange (2)                 v    LT21 Royal Blue (4)       

Sunday    November 23        SFSP 4
10:00AM        LT21 Royal Blue (6)           v    LN21 Navy Blue (3)        
11:10AM        LN25 Orange (2)                v    LC23 Orange (4)        
12:20AM        LM21 Royal Blue (1)          v    LT21 Royal Blue (6)        
  1:30PM        LN21 Navy Blue (5)            v    LN25 Orange (0)       
  2:40PM        LC23 Orange (4)                v    LM21 Royal Blue (1)      

(Winner Determined on Points)

Champion = LC13 Coached by Paul Miller    Runner-Up = Coached by Mark Schuster

U10 Girls Blue Division

LC21 Maroon, Coached by Brianna Fleming & Mallory Hill
LC24 Gold, Coached by Cale Jaffe, Tim Heaphy & Schaeffer Somers
LN24 Red, Coached by Kyle Niehoff
LP21 Kelly Green, Coached by Preston Duprey

Saturday      November 22        SFSP 2
  9:45AM        LC21 Maroon (7)                    v    LN24 Red (3)       
10:55AM        LP21 Kelly Green (6)             v    LC24 Gold (0)        
  1:15PM        LC21 Maroon (5)                  v    LP21 Kelly Green (5)      
  2:25PM        LN24 Red (3)                        v    LC24 Gold (2)     

Sunday     November 23     SFSP 2

  9:45AM        LC24 Gold (2)             v    LC21 Maroon (4)                
10:55AM        LN24 Red (0)               v    LP21 Kelly Green (3)                 
  1:30PM        1st Place = LC21 Maroon (5)           v    2nd Place = LP21 Kelly Green (0)                Final

Champion = LC21 Coached by Brianna Fleming & Mallory Hill    Runner-Up = LP21 Coached by Preston Duprey

U10 Boys White Division

M21 Gold, Coached by Cree Gaskins
M22 Kelly Green, Coached by Doug Trout
N21 Navy Blue, Coached by Robin LeGallo
W23 Kelly Green, Coached by Richard Monroe

Saturday      November 22        SFSP 5
  9:00AM        M21 Gold (5)                       v    M22 Kelly Green (4)      
10:10AM        W23 Kelly Green (5)             v    N21 Navy Blue (0)        
12:30PM        M21 Gold (2)                      v    W23 Kelly Green (7)       
  1:40PM        M22 Kelly Green (3)             v    N21 Navy Blue (2)        

Sunday     November 23     SFSP 5

  9:50AM        N21 Navy Blue (0)               v    M21 Gold (3)               
11:00AM        M22 Kelly Green (3)             v    W23 Kelly Green (7)                
  1:20PM        1st Place = W23 Kelly Green (5)           v    2nd Place = M21 Gold (2)              Final

Champion= W23 Coached by Richard Monroe    Runner-Up = M21 Coached by Cree Gaskins

U10 Boys Red Division

Group A                    
I21 Navy Blue, Coached by Ramsey Hathaway       
T21 Maroon, Coached by Tom Grierson       
W25 Royal Blue, Coached by Preston Phillips & Khaled Khalil

Group B
C24 Kelly Green, Coached by Clara Bullard       
C25 Gold, Coached by Josh Bowers
P22 Teal, Coached by David Manka

Saturday     November 22        SFSP 3
  8:45AM        T21 Maroon (1)                   v    I21 Navy Blue (5)        
  9:55AM        P22 Teal (2)                        v    C24 Kelly Green (3)       
11:05AM        I21 Navy Blue (2)                 v    W25 Royal Blue (2)        
12:15PM        C24 Kelly Green (7)             v    C25 Gold (2)        
  1:25PM        W25 Royal Blue (2)           v    T21 Maroon (7)        
  2:35PM        C25 Gold (4)                       v    P22 Teal (7)       

Sunday     November 23        SFSP 3
  9:15AM        1st A = i21 Navy Blue (3)             v    2nd B = P22 Teal (4)               Semi Final 1
10:25AM        1st B = C24 Kelly Green (3)         v    2nd A =  T21 Maroon (5)                Semi Final 2
11:35PM        3rd A = W25 Royal Blue (5)         v    3rd B =  C25 Gold (1)             
  1:15PM        Semi Final 1 Winner = P22 Teal (3)           v    Semi Final 2 Winner = T21 Maroon (5)             Final

Champion = T21 Maroon Coached by Tom Grierson    Runner-Up = P22 Coached by David Manka

U10 Boys Blue Division

Group A              
I23 Maroon, Coached by Chris DuBois
M24 Teal, Coached by Roy Slater
N24 Red, Coached by Joe Finazzo         

Group B
AF21 Purple, Coached by David Meeks
C27 Forest Green, Coached by Eli Williams
W21 Orange, Coached by Matt Nauman

Saturday     November 22        SFSP 1
  8:30AM        I23 Maroon (1)                      v    M24 Teal (5)        
  9:40AM        W21 Orange (2)                    v    C27 Forest Green (5)        
10:50AM        M24 Teal (6)                          v    N24 Red (2)       
12:00PM        C27 Forest Green (3)             v    AF21 Purple (9)        
  1:10PM        N24 Red (1)                           v    I23 Maroon (2)        
  2:20PM        AF21 Purple (11)                   v    W21 Orange (2)       

Sunday     November 23        SFSP 1
  9:00AM        1st A = M24 Teal (2)            v    2nd B = C27 Forest Green (3)      Semi Final 1
10:10AM        1st B = AF21 Purple (5)       v    2nd A = i23 Maroon (2)                Semi Final 2
11:20PM        3rd A = N24 Red (3)             v    3rd B = W21 Orange (3)               
  1:00PM        Semi Final 1 Winner =  C27 Forest Green (2)          v    Semi Final 2 Winner = AF21 Purple (3)                Final

Champion = AF21 Coached by David Meeks    Runner-Up C27 Coached by Eli Williams

3v3 Summer Showdown

July 13, 2013  (Registration deadline: June 28, 2013)

a benefit event for the Matt Henderson Fund

Join SOCA for our Annual SOCA Summer Showdown.  Dates to be announced, SOCA will host a day of fast-paced 3 versus 3 fun on the beautiful bermuda grass fields at South Fork Soccer Park.  The Summer Showdown has as its core values enjoyment, player development, and citizenship.  Grab a few friends and sign up today!  Full tournament rules and registration form can be found here and on our "download forms" section. 

3 v 3 Summer Showdown Tournament Rules

3 v 3 Summer Showdown Registration Form

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