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What is MySOCA?

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Your MySOCA family account is your secure gateway to accessing all your primary contact information, registering youth players for all SOCA youth programming, registering adult players for all SOCA adult programming, paying for all programming and being in control!

With your MySOCA, you add each youth player in your family and/or each adult player in your family. Whether you are a family of one of a family of eight, you can have all your information available at your fingertips.

You have control and access to your MySOCA 24-hours a day, seven days a week and from any location where you have a computer. We have made the access to SOCA information and programming easy. With a few minutes of your day, you can register and pay for any upcoming SOCA programming!

Take a look at some of the great features of your MySOCA:

  • Add / Edit MySOCA Primary Account Information. Are you moving? Simply edit your primary account information and SOCA will always be able to get you the information you desire!
  • Add / Edit MySOCA youth players. Have a new youth player eligible for SOCA programming? Simply add them to your MySOCA account and they are ready to play!
  • Add / Edit MySOCA adult players. Want to play for a Men’s or Women’s adult team? Enter a Team Code provided to you via email by your Team Captain and you are ready to play!
  • View of Players, Available Programs & Registered Programs. On one screen, you can view all the players in your family, all the programs that each player is available to register (available only based on their birthday and automatically uploaded to your MySOCA for ease and convenience; simply click on the link to read the description of the program) and all the current programs that each player is registered! You will always know what programs are coming available and what programs you have already registered!
  • Secure Registration & Payment Features. and MySOCA is a secure site, encrypting your registration and payment information to ensure maximum security and confidence! Register and pay for all of your SOCA programming in one location at any time and from any place!
  • Create an Adult Team. Are you a Team Captain of an adult team? You can setup up your team and pay for your initial Team Registration online! And by simply entering your team members email addresses, they will receive your Team Code so they can register online for your team and pay for their per player registration fee!
  • Registration History. No matter how many SOCA programs you register and pay for, you will have multiple ways to access your registration history. You can click on Registration History from your MySOCA to see a list of all your programs. You also receive an email confirmation upon completion of any registration so that you can print and keep for your records!
  • Edit Password. If you need to change your password at anytime, you can do so with a couple clicks!

Want to begin now? Create MySOCA